Autocomplete selecting an element when clicking in scrollbar

I have a probleme with jquery.ui.autocomplete 1.8 rc2 in IE7 or IE8 with the following CSS (inside jquery.ui.autocomplete.css) : .ui-menu { list-style:none; padding: 2px; margin: 0;display:block; height:200px; overflow:scroll; } I'm using the demo from the project called : `demos\autocomplete\remote-jsonp.html` It's working perfect with firefox but with IE7 or 8, each time I click on the scroll bar to see the end of the list, it selects an element instead of scrolling down. Do you please have a solution to have a fixed height with `jquery.ui.autocomplete` and a scroll bar working with IE ?
UPDATE : if I comment everything after the .bind("blur.autocomplete", function( event ) ... in jquery.ui.autocomplete.js then it's working but clicking out doesn't close the menu anymore of course....But this behavior is better for the user.

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