how to show alert "data already exists"

i newbie this my first project,I don't know how to resolve any problems about the repetition of data i have an input page. it consist of 2 textfield: 1. Model, 2. Serial, and one combobox: 1. line. i want if there is input twice, I mean here is a double input data, will be out warning **"data already exists"**. how do i do that?i try like this but doesn't work: $("#input").click(function() { if($("#submit").valid()) { var params=$("#submit").serialize(); $.ajax({ type:"post", url:"process1.php", data:params, cache :false, async :false, success : function() { $('input[name^="text"]').change(function() { var $current = $(this); $('input[name^="text"]').each(function() { if ($(this).val() == $current.val() && $(this).attr('id') != $current.attr('id')) { alert('data already exists!'); } }); }); $("#showmodel").val($("#model").val()); $("#showline").val($("#line").val());

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