Issues disabling/enabling multiple inputs in JQuery

I have a form with an "OR" condition that either dims/disables 3 input fields or 1 input field depending on if there are entries in each. I'm having a lot of trouble with inconsistent results with this--namely when the user tabs through inputs--and could really use some help. The code that's problematic is: $(document).ready(function() { $("#firstInitial,#lastName,#memberNo").blur(function() { if ($(this).val() != '') $("#datepicker").attr("disabled", "disabled").addClass("disabledStyle").val(''); else $("#datepicker").attr("disabled", "").removeClass("disabledStyle"); }); }); I'm trying to dim/disable a datepicker field when there's an entry in either firstInitial, lastName, or memberNo, or any combination of those three--and undisable datepicker if entries are removed in these. What's happening is tabbing through these breaks everything and causes inconsistent results. Is there another technique I could try? Thanks.

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