Jquery $.ajax() json call to *.js file causes browser to ask 'save/open'

I'm able to issue $.ajax() requests to urls that have a '.js' extension just fine when I use {...'dataType' : 'script'...}. However, when I use {...'dataType' : 'json'...} the browser (Opera and FF, so far, but I'll bet it's universal) asks to save/open the results of the request. Note that my 'success' callback runs fine and uses the resulting json object just fine. My question is, should I just drop the *.js extension from the resource and pass a 'json=true' option? Or is there a handy way to stop the browser from trying to render/save/open the result? (By handy I mean, of course, not something that every user has to set in their browser.) Also note that I'm using Rails, so the header order routing issue prevents me from using an Accept header to fix this.

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