jQuery .html() Function

The following code creates li from div's but the divs still appear in the source, what have I missed?: $(document).ready(function(){ var makeLI = $("div").html("
  • " + "Here is a new
  • element.
  • "); $("body").append("
      "); $("ul").append(makeLI); }); A publication states: > Navigate to the file in your browser. The
      elements are converted > to elements with the text we want displayed. However in FF 6 the div's remain:
    • Here is a new
    • element.
    • ------------------Complete Code------------------ JS Bin

      Rewriting three

      $(document).ready(function(){ var makeLI = $("div").html("
    • " + "Here is a new
    • element.
    • "); $("body").append("
        "); $("ul").append(makeLI); });
        is it ONLY in FF 6? it's not finished software, maybe it's because of that if it's ONLY in 6.

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