Datatables server-side processing INNER JOIN or multiple tables

Below is my code without server-side processing but as it produces many rows and will grow considerably I need to use server-side processing. ---------- DB Tables (not all fields included but these are the ones i want and the fields to INNER JOIN): course_modules - id (pk), course(, module(, added(UNIXTIMESTAMP) course - id (pk), category(, fullname(text) course_categories- id (pk), name(text) modules- id (pk), name(text) I want to be able to display the UNIXTIMESTAMP as date('d/m/Y'); ---------- Would this work for the INNER JOIN $sQuery = " SELECT SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS ".str_replace(" , ", " ", implode(", ", $aColumns))." FROM $sTable INNER JOIN modules ON $sTable.module = INNER JOIN course ON $sTable.course = INNER JOIN course_categories ON course.category = $sWhere $sOrder $sLimit "; ---------- Original php version without server-side processing: $mods = get_records_sql("SELECT * FROM {$CFG->prefix}course_modules"); foreach ($mods as $mod) { $thecourse = get_record('course','id',$mod->course); $themodule = get_record('modules','id',$mod->module); $thecat = get_record('course_categories','id',$thecourse->category); echo ''; echo ''.$thecat->name.''; echo ''.$thecourse->fullname.''; echo ''.$themodule->name.''; echo ''; echo date('d/m/Y', $mod->added); echo''; echo ''; } I have server-side processing woking fine with my datatables but without linking to the other tables. This table only returns IDs and I want to be able to get the value from another table as demonstrated above. Do I need to use an innner join? If so how can I incorporate with server_processing.php script: I used this one: [][1] Or can I incorporate my above method within server_processing.php. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. [1]:

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