How to add padding to elements in jQuery Mobile

It's amazing how fast you start using this framework, but i'm stuck on one seemingly obvious thing. In all the layouts i've seen, including [Theme Roller][1], there is a lovely padding on all elements. for some bizarre reason, in the entire documentation, nothing is mentioned about creating this much needed space between the UI and the viewport. How does one define this? In HTML Desktop it would be as simple as body{margin:20px} Any help would be greatly appreciated. To be sure, i even downloaded the default setting found on Theme Roller, and nothing happens. I wonder doesn't jQuery mobile have documentation on all the individual classes? Or at least list the different classes on a page somewhere so one can use them? Below i added an example of what i mean. It's actually form jQuery Mobiles own docs. What makes things even more confusing is that the button renders with the button having padding, but not the menu. To clarify, jQuery Mobile has a 'built in' method to simply add rounded corners to things, you just have to add `class="ui-corner-bl ui-corner-br"`... i'm looking ideally for that kinda method. ![enter image description here][2] [1]: [2]:

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