Jquery ui dialog widget with tabs

I'm looking for a JQuery widget mixing dialog and tabs. The idea is to have the close in the same line as the tabs and an option for the ok/cancel buttons. There is an old entry in [stackoverflow][1], but it's not working properly with the latest Jquery UI version - 1.8. By any chance and before doing my own version, does somebody want to share an existing solution ? ----- UPDATE ------------- The answer from Didier works fine, I modified his answer to add buttons and change the button to a jquery icon and create a jquery-ui widget -> here is the [code/example][2]. If somebody finds how to move the hard-coded css to the actual css it would be welcomed. [1]: https://stackoverflow.com/q/4317975/763790 [2]: http://jsfiddle.net/2a7z2/2/

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