zoomify equivalent in jQuery?

I've been searching for quite some time for a rough equivalent of Zoomify (zoomify.com) for jQuery-- that is, a zoomable image viewer with slider. I'm aware of AjaxZoom, but I find the interface clunky, and the feature set beyond what I really need. Through this site, I found jQuery gzoom which is much closer to what I'm looking for, but I wish it could be modified to match the behavior/functionality of something like Zoomify, i.e. with smooth dragging and panning enabled by click, as opposed to hovering over the image, as well as a button to reset the view to default. If anyone is aware of a plugin out there that meets this description or is even capable of modifying the gzoom script-- my JavaScript knowledge is limited-- I'd be most appreciative. Thanks.
Its not jQuery, but Microsoft has a pure JavaScript version of Seadragon that might be worth checking out: seadragon.com/developer/ajax

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