jquery not selecting option tags when value contains space

Do I need to somehow escape a space when using jquery to select with contains/find? I am mocking this up so pardon the typos... If I have a SELECT tag that has some options I am trying to find the options in this select using jquery. but it appears that the "find" method or "contains" function fails when the value being passed to search for contains a space. For example: The following returns a size of 2: $('*[title="animals"]').find("option:contains('Dog')").size() But this returns 0 whre I would expect 2 as well: $('*[title="animals"]').find("option:contains('Dog B')").size() My guess is that this has something to do with the selector and it is looking for a child element with "B" or something but Im not really sure.
Was a bug in 1.2.6 version of jquery, workgin fine on 1.3.2...Sorry :)

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