jQuery load() overwrite

I have some problems with `load()` functions. I have a `collection.html` page, in this page I have a image slaider. All works perfect, but when I load other page, and then go back to `collection.html` slaider, some of images divs has previous settings, for example
If I click on menu more times, load functions keep previus data on memory. How to create that, if I click on collection.html link, that calls load functions, each time start loading from beggining, not to from previus state? Here is click event: $('.menu ul li.collection_link a').click(function(){ $('.menu ul li').removeClass('active'); $(".height").css("height","750px"); $(this).parent().addClass('active'); var link = $(this).attr('href'); $("#primary").fadeOut("fast", function () { $("#primary").load(link, { limit: 25 }, function(){ $("#primary").fadeIn("fast"); }); }); return false; });
How did you initialize the slider?

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