jQuery ajax responseText 'undefined'

I've got some jQuery which posts two variables to a php script. The PHP is very simple and simply returns a string based on what it's given, i.e. 'update successful' which I'd like to use in some way on the page. The first time I click I get an alert saying 'undefined', any further clicks and everything works fine. Pretty sure I'm not far off but I can't work out this problem! I've used firebug and the data is posted and the correct response is received on all attempts. $(document).ready(function(){ $('#updatehol').click(function() { additions = $('#additions').attr('value'); deductions = $('#deductions').attr('value'); datastring = 'additions='+ additions +'&deductions='+ deductions; $.ajax({ type: "POST", data: datastring, url: "doadjust.php", complete: function(data) { alert(data.responseText); } }); }); });

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