Cannot find the right
with selector after loading the HTML

I hope I can find a solution to this one. Here it goes: After I have submitted my form to add a message to the database, I create a `
` with the load method. After that I do some stuff in the callback function. When the function to create the new `
` has finished, it returns to the calling function that is supposed to prepend the message to the last inserted `
`. That's where the problem starts: I use the selector to find `$(someDiv : last)`, but it puts it in the wrong `
`. So, I know it has something to do with the async process. I haven't really worked out what I could do to fix this, because now I am not working from a callback function. If you wanna see a [live example][1] The sourcecode is clutterd with debug code in the form of alerts, but you can see what it is doing. [1]:
@Richard: It is "to", not "too". "Too" is more like one of these: ;-)

以上就是Cannot find the right

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