How to remotely debug customer issues with a website

Just recently put a new site live to be internet facing. The site is built on ASP.NET MVC, and JQuery primarily. We tested the site fairly rigorously in IE6/7/8, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome. We do capture exceptions and log them. We've just received a couple complaints where the user is unable to register on the site. There are no exceptions thrown from the .NET layer, just apparently the "register" button doesn't work. What is the best practices to debug an issue like this? Is there a good way to remotely log client side events? Are we at the point where we need to contact this user and use webex or copilot or similar to see what is happening? Edit/Update: Big stuff in this realm - you can now remotely utilize webkit developer tools by leveraging [Weinre][1] - its awesome. Also for this type of issue, Glimpse is a big help as well. [1]:

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