how to close colorbox within iframe?

i have a page manageGroup.php, where user can also add member to group. I used colorbox to show the addGroupMember.php. Now i need to close that colorbox once i have done submitting the form. javascript i am using in manageGroup.php The link i am using to open colorbox Add Member the code in addGroupMember.php is like this:- if($_POST['add']=="Go") { $gid = $_POST['id']; $ii=0; $insert = "INSERT INTO ".DBGMEMBER." (gm_g_id,gm_m_id) VALUES "; foreach($_POST['gMember'] as $gMember) { if($ii==0) { $insert .= " ('".$gid."' , '".$gMember."')"; } else { $insert .= " ,('".$gid."' , '".$gMember."')"; } $ii++; } $db->execute($insert);// after this i want to close the colorbox echo "";// code i used, but not working }

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