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JQuery Sub Selector question

my html
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my call I have this element than can be any jquery selector, 1 or more elements: var x = $("#x"); now I NEED (this is a plugin who will discover inner elements like tabs) to navigate only thru the firsts DIV elements and not its childrends. I'm trying... $.each($($("div"), x), function() { alert($(this).html()); }); shows: 1. some text
other text
2. other text 3. just text $.each($($("div"), x).siblings(), function() { alert($(this).html()); }); shows: 1. just text 2. some text
other text
this is the most approximate, but I need in the correct order. any suggestion ? thanks ps. because it's a plugin I cant do this. $("#x", "div....") I need to do this #(newselector, x)

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