My jquery ajax form will not post

Below is the code so far that I am working on, It will be a comment system, the flow: 1. User fills in comment form 2. hit submit, AJAX call is made and POST to a php script 1. script determines if user should enter a captcha form 1. If they need a captcha form it sends that response back along with there sanitized message 1. If they do not need captcha, it sanitizes the message and sends it back with a success response 1. If there is an error it sends an error message back. 1. If success we also add the message to the page **Ok my problems so far is that when I hit submit, it reloads the page instead of doing the ajax call, do you see any obvious reasons?**
**UPDATE**: I have added in return false; just before the closing of the click function below the ajax call but it has made no change on the page, it still reloads the page on click, any help please

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