jQuery Hover - UnHover not functioning

I've looked through the other related posts to my question already over the past hour or so and tried out various fixes for them, but it still doesn't work, so here it goes: I have a website, located at www.rooms101.com my client wants me to add a page-peel effect, so I am using an example from http://www.sohtanaka.com/web-design/simple-page-peel-effect-with-jquery-css/ and I have copied the code and images directly from the site to test it out, but for some reason it doesn't work. jQuery code: HTML (contained inside the body tag and above the page wrapper): I also tried a simple effect of changing a div's color on hover, which can be found in the green box at the bottom left of the page, also it is not working... HTML:
jQuery: $(document).ready(function() { $('.box').hover(function() { $(this).css({ background: 'blue' }); }, function() { $(this).css({ background: 'black' }); }); }); Thanks in advance for the help, this problem has utterly perplexed me. EDIT: I went ahead and tried this on my personal website with the exact same code, and to basically no surprise it functions as it should...I must say I really do hate inheriting crappy code from lazy designers... Unfortunately they don't understand just how bad their code is...so if anyone can offer a reason as to why this is not functioning and a "hack" fix for the time being that would be appreciated.
Didn't check all of the code you posted in detail. But the code from the page you linked to works perfectly. Check this demo page jsbin.com/ulita

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