jQuery overwrite .click event within click

I have these functions: TargetWorksheet.toggle_child_locations = function(id){ $("#location-children-"+id).slideToggle("slow"); } TargetWorksheet.get_child_locations = function(id, lvl){ //Ajax grab all children and targets, and display children $.get('child_locations',{ location_id: id, level: lvl}, function(data){ $("#location-children-"+id).append(data); TargetWorksheet.toggle_child_locations(id); }); //Change onClick to just toggle since child data will now be loaded $("#location-toggle-"+id).click(function(){ TargetWorksheet.toggle_child_locations(id); }); } and this call: $(function(){ TargetWorksheet.toggle_child_locations(2); $("#location-toggle-2").click(function(){ TargetWorksheet.get_child_locations(2,1); }); }); So I attach a click event to my '+' link (#location-toggle-2), which toggles child data. On first click, I want to do an ajax call to retrieve the child data, but then i just want to overwrite the .click on the #location-toggle-2 so that it now just toggles, and doesn't make the ajax call. The above code doesn't work, it doesn't seem to overwrite the .click, and makes the ajax call each time. Does anyone know how I can overwrite the .click event of an item? I also tried `$("#location-toggle-"+id).click(TargetWorksheet.toggle_child_locations(id));` And it just kept toggling over and over recursively for some reason. Thoughts?

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