jQuery Striping with Some Elements Hidden

I have a jQuery selector like the following: $('.someClass div div .specificChildClass:nth-child(even)').addClass('alternateLine'); This stripes just as I want it to UNLESS there's a hidden element. I need the selector to take hidden elements into account and NOT factor them in to the striping. This way, the visible elements are striped properly on the page. I tried changing my selector to this: $('.someClass div div .specificChildClass:visible:nth-child(even)').addClass('alternateLine'); and then: $('.someClass div div .specificChildClass:not(.hiddenClass):nth-child(even)').addClass('alternateLine'); Is there an easy solution to this? I know I can iterate through a .each loop with an iterator and check each, mod the iterator to decide odd or even, but I thought there was probably a better way.
what is the problem with :visible? it should do what you need.

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