JQuery UI datepicker not sitting over dropdowns in IE 6

For some reason our datepicker is falling behind the dropdowns below it in IE6 www.senegal.co.uk Every search I have done seems to suggest the datepicker should deal with this. We do have the following css in place: .ui-datepicker-cover { display: none; /*sorry for IE5*/ display/**/: block; /*sorry for IE5*/ position: absolute; /*must have*/ z-index: -1; /*must have*/ filter: mask(); /*must have*/ top: -4px; /*must have*/ left: -4px; /*must have*/ width: 200px; /*must have*/ height: 200px; /*must have*/ } I have tried adding bgiframe and calling: > $("#ui-datepicker-div").bgIframe(); But it doesn't solve the issue. Any ideas? I'm thinking we're going to need someone with experience using jquery ui datepicker to help us out on this one!

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