Finding non-empty grid cell in 2-dimensional array

I have a 2-dimensional integer array (say 1000 by 1000), let's call it matrix. Each cell in this matrix has a X- and Y-coordinate (each from 0 to 999 in this example). Initially all grid cells have a value of 0. During program runtime, some of the matrix cells are set to another value <> 0. Now I need a fast function (algorithm) that takes some X and Y values and returns the value of the matrix at that coordinates. However, if the matrix at the specified X/Y location is 0, then the algorithm should determine a non-zero value within the matrix that is as close to the original X/Y location as possible. I have thought about looping around the original X/Y position with increasing offset at each loop cycle, but I am not sure whether this is really the fastest algorithm... Any ideas? I would prefer Java code, but any pseudo-code is also fine :) Thanks in advance for your help! Kind regards, Matthias

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