IE Object doesn't support this property or method

This is probably the beginning of many questions to come. I have finished building my site and I was using Firefox to view and test the site. I am now IE fixing and am stuck at the first JavaScript error which only IE seems to be throwing a hissy about. I run the IE 8 JavaScript debugger and get this: Object doesn't support this property or method app.js, line 1 character 1 Source of app.js (first 5 lines): var menu = {}; menu.current = ""; menu.first = true; menu.titleBase = ""; menu.init = function(){... I have tested the site in a Webkit browser and it works fine in that. What can I do to fix this? The site is pretty jQuery intensive so i have given up any hope for getting it to work in IE6 but I would appreciate it working in all the others. **UPDATE:** I have upload the latest version of my site to [][1] [1]:
Its reporting the wrong line i think. You'll have to show more code.

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