get values of array

I have this code, and my objective is get the array object. No errors in firebug, but no value is showed (always `undefined`) . What is the correct way to do this ? var sizes = ["a","b","c","d","e","f"]; var s = new dijit.form.HorizontalSlider({ value:1, name:"i"+[i], onChange:function(sizes, val){ dojo.byId('value'+[i]).value = sizes[val]; }, minimum:1, maximum:sizes.length -1, discreteValues:sizes.length, },node); In jquery looks like: var sizes = ["0","2","4","6","8","10","12","14","16","18","16W","18W","20W"]; $("#slider-size .slider").slider({ min: 0, max: sizes.length - 1, step: 1, slide: function(event, ui) { $(".rsize").text(sizes[ui.value]); } }); from [here][1] [1]:
This doesn't look like valid Javascript. Did you omit an enclosing object-literal?

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