JSP and Java Servlet problems

I am new to JSP and Java Servlet. I am quite confusing about Session object. I saw session When I learned PHP session and cookie. Are there complete different things? And how a Session object is created, structured and used. This object is in JSP or Java Servlet? could somebody tell me this by words(like concept). In addition, in what situation a JSP page would be appropriate for?(when should I use a Java Servlet and when should I use a Java Servlet Page).For Java Servlet object, for example, ran an email site. There will be a lot of users. How does one Java Servlet object deal with interactions from so many browsers?(like hundreds of logging, reading, etc.)I know there should be only one copy of Java Servlet object exists. But why? If only one there, when is it created and destroyed. Ah... So many questions. If someone can help me I will really grateful for this. Thanks a million!
possible duplicate of java servlet instantiation and session variables

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