Javascript event never triggering

I am working on a signup for the mailing list and an trying to make the page and js file not be cached by the browser. Thus, I use a fake query string. I am trying to get the page to make a new query string when it is refreshed. It doesn't work... why? I think the line: window.onbeforeunload=changeNoCache(); is in the wrong place. Email Sign-Up Email Address: SignUp.js: function makePopUp() { div = document.getElementById("shell"); if(!div) { email = document.getElementById("email").value; popupshell = document.createElement("div"); popupinner = document.createElement("div"); = "shell"; = "inner"; popupinner.innerHTML = "x
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"; popupshell.appendChild(popupinner); document.body.appendChild(popupshell); } else { blink(div); t = setTimeout("blink(div);",100); t = setTimeout("blink(div);",200); t = setTimeout("blink(div);",300); t = setTimeout("blink(div);",400); t = setTimeout("blink(div);",500); } } function blink(element) { ('none') ?'block' :'none'; } function validatePhone() { cc = document.getElementById("countrycode"); number = document.getElementById("number"); cc.value = cc.value.replace(/\D/g,""); number.value = number.value.replace(/\D/g,""); } function closePopUp() { document.body.removeChild(document.getElementById("shell")); }
i used to have it triggering endlessly but now it doesnt trigger at all.

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