Jooq :Convert String to TableField Object?

I am using `JSON` to get data from db and my data looks like this i have saved JSON Object in db so in DB data is something like this {"column":"\"someString\".\"Folder\".\"FolderCentury\"","ascending":true} and i wrote below code to get data because its `JSON` Object JSONObject jsonObj = geodata.getJSONObject(i); TableField columnName = (TableField) jsonObj.get("column"); But here is the problem jsonObj.get("column"); this line return a String something like this (java.lang.String) "someString"."Folder"."FolderCentury" But when i am doing casting its throw Exception java.lang.ClassCastException: java.lang.String cannot be cast to org.jooq.TableField I will want to know how can i Change `String` to `TableField` object? [TableField Interface][1] [1]:

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