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JavaScript Regular Expression - strange results

I have a sample string below: var nodeTest = "xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx x x xxxxxx xx x x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx"; I am trying to match all nodes with and without white spaces so anything (numbers, white space, text and all characters - think everything!) between <> including <>. I have tried many configurations but they don't seem to work intuitively, my most recent bit of logic being this: var nodePairs = nodeTest.match(/<(.*)>/gi); But it matches the ENTIRE test string. Can anyone offer any clues as to where I might be going wrong? Thanks!
I am not sure what your main intentions are but in case you have difficulty with really complex xmls/htmls then I would recommend that you use jquery to parse them example - $("xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxx x x xxxxxx xx x x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxx")

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