How to hide text in an PDF file?

How can I add text to a pdf document, which is not visible? The document manipulation should be done in java. The usecase is to add further metadata to a document (in a proprietary format, about 40kb), before the document is signed and archived. I tried: - annotation field with size 0,0 - .txt file attachment but, this annoys readers of the PDF, because they see a difference (comment / attachment bar). Is there a comment object or a syntax to comment out lines in a PDF document? EDIT: I've tried adding text between PDF objects. This works, the problem is: acrobat reader asks to resave the file when closing window. Adding the text after %EOF is not a solution, because signing is not applied to the metadata, which is a needed feature.
You can draw smth and hide the text behind it, or write it in the same color as the background is, check this post…

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