Jquery UI Draggable: Align helper to mouse position

With jQuery I have a draggable element. It's a div with a size of 200 x 40. Of course the user can start dragging this div by clicking at variuos positions in the div. What I want is when the startdrag event happens, the helper (clone) div will always be aligned to the cursor the same way, no matter where in the div the user started dragging. So after the mousedown the helper's top and left values need to be the same as the mouses x and y. I've tried this using this coffeescript code: onStartDrag: ( e, ui ) => ui.helper.css left: e.clientX top: e.clientY console.log( e ) But it doesn't work and my guess is that this is happening because the values I put in are directly overwritten by the draggable plugin because of mouse movement.. Any ideas?
You should set a jsfiddle to let us see whats going on

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