Android ID switch always gives default

I am using a Java switch statement to assign different values to a variable based on the id of the button that called it. The problem is that it always evaluates to the detail. I think the error might be in how I am getting the Id (the `` bit), but I have done some internet research, and can't find the 'proper' way of doing it. This is my code (the `-99` and `23` are there so it was obvious if it wasn't working) public void rootMe(View v){ /* I got rid of some code here so it was shorter */ int mult = -99; int buttonId = v.getId(); switch(buttonId) { case mult = 1/2; case mult = 1/3; case mult = 1/4; case mult = 1/5; case mult = 1/6; default: mult = 23; }

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