loading gif freezing when using setTimeout

I have a div that i show while loading an ajax call. The div has a gif animation that just circles for three seconds. I show this using settimeout for 3 seconds and then hide it. My problem is that it freezes in IE while waiting for the three seconds. It works fine in chrome and safari but not in IE. Here is my code. function loadinganime() { setTimeout(function () { $('#center').slideUp(); // shows confirmation el.style.visibility = "hidden"; //hides the loading div }, 3000); //3 second wait } $('#docexpressclick').click(function (e) { el = document.getElementById("loadingoverlay"); //loading loading dif el.style.visibility = "visible"; $('#xmlMenuTree').xmltree(options); -- function that causes the loading. loadinganime(); //calls the function that performs settimeout } e.preventDefault(); });

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