How to add a checkbox in a column in a table in Java

i´m trying to put a checkbox in a column in my table...but i shows de boolean value, when i click over the cell, it shows the checkbox and sooner show the boolean value... public class Tabela { private JTable tabela; private JCheckBox checkbox; public Tabela(Object[][] linhas, String[] nomeColunas) { this.tabela = new JTable(); this.tabela.setModel(new DefaultTableModel(linhas, nomeColunas)); this.checkbox = new JCheckBox(); this.tabela.setFillsViewportHeight(true); this.tabela.getColumn("Selecione").setCellEditor( new DefaultCellEditor(checkbox)); } public JTable getTabela() { return tabela; } } So what´s wrong with my code? I create seppareted my form, table and panel...

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