Practical approach to keeping jQuery up to date?

Some of the projects we're working on have strong roots in jQuery 1.4.2 or earlier, and somewhere between lacking the performance edge (or syntactic sugar) of the latest releases, the humiliation of using now-deprecated methods, and the discomfort of deploying a 3+ year old version of an actively maintained library, an upgrade is now imminent. What are some practices popular in the community that we could adopt/re-visit to ensure a smooth rollout (i.e. focus on obscure compatibility issues, picking up global regressions, re-factoring some of the older code...)? How would they be best integrated into SDLC for future upgrades? What is a reasonable upgrade schedule for a library such as jQuery (I don't anticipate significant gains or justifyable costs to do so with every point release, but once every 6-12 months may very well be reasonable)?
If you have tests set up you could see where it fails, I have little experience with upgrading jQuery version but in one instance I used the newest jquery and jqueryUI on extending a site and it didn't work on some pages with existing code so used noconflict and kept both versions for those pages. In your case you might want to set up some testing, if you're still extending the site than this can be a great benefit in the future.

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