Mongoose update/upsert?

I've looked at some of the questions on the site and haven't quite figured out what I'm doing wrong. I've some code like this: var mongoose = require('mongoose'), db = mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/lastfm'), Schema = mongoose.Schema, User = new Schema({ nick: String, hmask: String, lastfm: String }); var UserModel = mongoose.model('User', User); //Register user to mongodb var reg_handler = function (act) { // should add a new entry to the db if nick (act.nick) && hmask ( // aren't already in the db. Otherwise, update the entry that matches nick // or hostmask with the new lastfm name (act.params) }; var get_handler = function (act) { UserModel.find({ nick: act.params }, function (err, users) { if (err) { console.log(err) }; users.forEach(function (user) { console.log('url for user is http://url/' + user.lastfm); }); }); }; I'm not sure what I should be doing in the middle there to get it to update the database properly. I've tried quite a few things, can't undo to find out all what I've tried though. It's taken a large portion of my night and I want it working. This is almost what I want, I wonder if there is any way to do an OR in the conditions part of the `.update()` var reg_handler = function (act) { var lfmuser = { nick: act.nick, hmask:, lastfm: act.params }; UserModel.update({ nick: act.nick }, { $set: lfmuser }, { upsert: true }, function(){}); }; I will keep toying around with it.

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