how to disable mulitple JButtons in one class from another class in Java swing?

I have this code snippet (a part of code actually) where in one class I have all the Jbutton created for 26 alphabets. I have another class that keeps track of time and when the time is over or the game is over, I want to disable all the 26 JButtons in one shot. here is the code for creating Jbuttons public class DetailsPanel extends JPanel { public DetailsPanel() { setLayout(new BorderLayout()); setBorder(BorderFactory.createTitledBorder(" click here ")); JPanel letterPanel = new JPanel(new GridLayout(0, 5)); for (char alphabet = 'A'; alphabet <= 'Z'; alphabet++) { String buttonText = String.valueOf(alphabet); JButton letterButton = new JButton(buttonText); letterButton.addActionListener(clickedbutton()); letterPanel.add(letterButton, BorderLayout.CENTER); } add(letterPanel, BorderLayout.CENTER); } } In my `maincontrol class`, I want to turn off all the Jbuttons like in public class maincontrol { int counter; DetailsPanel dp; public maincontrol(DetailsPanel dp) { this.dp = dp; int counter = 0; } public void turnoff(){ if ( counter>10){ //turn off all here// } } }
Why not simply put the buttons, or perhaps better their AbstractActions, in a collection, and give it a setEnabled(boolean enabled) method. In the method iterate through the collection setting the enabled property of each button or Action.

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