Are there any decent free Java data plotting libraries out there?

On a recent Java project, we needed a free Java based real-time data plotting utility. After much searching, we found this tool called the [Scientific Graphics Toolkit or SGT][1] from NOAA. It seemed pretty robust, but we found out that it wasn't terribly configurable. Or at least not configurable enough to meet our needs. We ended up digging very deeply into the Java code and reverse engineering the code and changing it all around to make the plot tool look and act the way we wanted it to look and act. Of course, this killed any chance for future upgrades from NOAA. So what free or cheap Java based data plotting tools or libraries do you use? *Followup: Thanks for the [JFreeChart][2] suggestions. I checked out their website and it looks like a very nice data charting and plotting utility. I should have made it clear in my original question that I was looking specifically to plot real-time data. I corrected my question above to make that point clear. It appears that [JFreeChart support for live data is marginal at best, though][3]. Any other suggestions out there?* [1]: [2]: [3]:
I'm in the exactly same boat.. Tried SGT since few times, found it good but not enough configurable.., also digged . And also needing it for real-time. Since your question is from years ago, have you found anything since so far ?

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