Why this MD5 result with Salt has "==" in the end of result string?

I have java code that use jasypt (Java Simplified Encryption) library: StandardStringDigester digester = new StandardStringDigester(); digester.setAlgorithm("MD5"); digester.setIterations(1); FixedStringSaltGenerator saltGenerator = new FixedStringSaltGenerator(); saltGenerator.setSalt("justAnotherSalt"); digester.setSaltGenerator(saltGenerator); digester.setSaltSizeBytes(5); String digest = digester.digest("my_password"); System.out.println(digest); You can see that I used MD5 algorithm with salt. The result in console is: I9uMOxDiImtxMXKXkt2EUw== I want to know why there are "==" characters in the end of result string? It's only exist if I used Salt.
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