Generate Javascript file with PHP

My current code =============== I have started writing an API that loads, minifies and returns javascript files into one file using PHP. This is achieved by pointing to a PHP file from a `script` tag in HMTL like so: This `jsapi.php` page processes the javascript files and outputs the minified javascript, with the header: header("Content-Type: text/javascript"); My Question =========== Is this a bad method to load javascript files? Would it be **much** faster and reliable to load the javascript files individually by simply pointing to the `.js` file in the `src` attribute? If you wish to see my code for the the full API, have a look at [this][1]. The mentioned link also explains in detail what it is I am doing and why. [1]:
Nothing bad. Loading together speeds up your web application. You'd better hide your php file as js, this can be done with .htaccess

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