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jQuery .animate() sets display:none, how to avoid?

I have the following code: HTML:
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JavaScript: $('#clickme').click(function() { $('#info').animate({ marginBottom: 'toggle' },{ duration:500 }); }); It's also available at Obviously, I want the `#info DIV` to appear/disappear whenever the `#clickme DIV` is clicked. It's working as intended, except that the `#info DIV` disappears after the animation due to jQuery setting its CSS `display` property to `none`. How can I tell jQuery to stop hiding my `DIV`?
Checking out jQuery source, it looks like 'toggle' was designed for effects that are either entirely shown or hidden (like height, width, and opacity). What happens is that clicking 'Click me :-)' and animating something not hidden for the first time has the same effect as if you had marginBottom: 'hide'. So when it is done animating, jQuery( elem ).hide(); is called on your element.

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