Close a customized box at ESC keypress with JQuery

I have the following HTML code for dialog box: The javascript : $("#clickfeed").live("click", function() { $("#modal-dialog").removeClass("no-display"); }); I wrote: $("#modal-dialog").live("keyup", function(e) { if(e.keyCode === 27 && !($(this).hasClass("no-display"))) { $("#feedback-modal-dialog input").each(function() { $(this).attr("value",""); }); $("#feedback-modal-dialog textarea").each(function() { $(this).val(""); }); $("#modal-dialog").addClass("no-display"); //or .hide() } }); The `ESC` key works only if an input is focused otherwise not. I want to close `modal-dialog` box when pressed `ESC`. Is a mistake in my JS code ? Thank you
Which version of jQuery are you using?

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