Why is my AJAX-call failing in Google Chrome?

I am curious as to why my AJAX-call is failing in Google Chrome, it works perfectly fine in Firefox. Before anyone asks, no I'm not using JQuery because I need to have access to readyState == 3 which JQuery doesn't seem to have. My script currently looks like this(with large unneccessary parts stripped out): function fetch() { main = new XMLHttpRequest(); main.open("GET", "", true); var lastResponse = ''; var statusString = 'Step 1(of 3), please wait... '; main.onreadystatechange = function() { if( main.readyState == 1 ) { alert('Fetch!'); $("#ajax-status").html( statusString ); } // If there's been an update if( main.readyState == 3 ) { } if( main.readyState == 4 ) { } }; main.send(null); } It works perfectly in Firefox but in Chrome it doesn't even alert anything so it doesn't even get into readyState 1(which is when you send it) -- that seems rather odd.. Any ideas??

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