encodeURIcomponent while constructing mailto link

When i use encodeURIComponent to encode the body as shown below, and if the body has spaces in it, the resulting link is broken and appears as follows : http://www.sample.com/sample/explore?itemId=123&type=sample&name=name with space body = "http://www.sample.com/sample/explore?itemId=123&type=sample&name=name with space" var newLink = "mailto:?subject=" + encodeURIComponent(subject) + "&body=" + encodeURIComponent(body); window.location = newLin How can i fix it and create a valid url? console.log shows the encoded url correctly but in outlook the link is broken. It should appear as a proper hyperlink
Have you made sure that its not because of the browser displaying the unescaped version in the address bar?

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