Returning a promise from within a deferred's callback

I am working on some anync stuff and I really want to implement that in a good manner. Consider following code function getData(latency) { var deferred = $.Deferred(); window.setTimeout(function () { deferred.resolve(Math.random()); }, latency + 100); return deferred.promise(); } function getSpecialData() { var deferreds = []; for (var i = 0; i < 3; i++) { deferreds.push(getData(1000 * i)); } return $.when.apply($, deferreds); } function log(msg) { $("#console").append("
  • " + msg + "
  • "); console.log(msg); } getData(3000) .done(function () { log("got 3000 data"); return getSpecialData() .done(function () { log("got special data"); }); }) .always(function () { log("got all data"); }); As you can see, I am returning a promise from within both getData and getSpecialData functions. I am also chaining calls to these functions the way you see. What is more, I am returning a promise from within the getData done callback. I have been expecting that the deferred object cares about what its callbacks return and if it's a promise, wait for that promise to resolve and then another callback. What is actually happening is that it doesn't care about what I am returning from within the callback. The order is: 1. Call getData, after 3s get the `"got 3000 data"` info, 2. at the same time fire getSpecialData and the `always` callback with `"got all data"` message What I want to achieve is the following order of function calls: 1. Call getData, after 3s get the `"got 3000 data"` information, 2. call getSpecialData, after 3s get the `"got special data"` information, 3. immediately after `"got all data"` message. What is the best approach to make it work the way I want?

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