Saving the value of an array in a method

I will just post the pseuducode, hope you will understand: >>import java.util*.; >main method { >> subemethod1(); submethod1() { Screen input = new Scanner(; int buy = input.nextInt(); if( buy != 0) { submethod2(); } submethod2() { Screen input = new Scanner(; int[][]grid = new int [5][6] int row = input.nextInt(); int col = input.nextint(); grid[row][col] = 1; Let's assume I typed 1 for row, and 1 for col this time. then `grid[1][1] = 1`. I want to save the value of `grid[1][1]` so that next time I enter row 2, col 2 I will have: grid[1][1] = 1; grid[2][2] = 1; and so on for whatever row-col combination I type. lastly I want to return to submethod1, and I want submethod1 to understand that grid[1][1] = 1 and that grid[2][2] also has the value 1; and so on....

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