Stuck with BinaryNotes compiler

I'm trying to implement some protocol in Java. In order to do that I was using BinaryNotes compiler and their api library but I'm stuck with this example. Here is my asn1 input file: Test DEFINITIONS ::= BEGIN OPERATION ::= CLASS { &Argument OPTIONAL, &opCode Code UNIQUE OPTIONAL } WITH SYNTAX { [ARGUMENT &Argument] [CODE &opCode] } OperationA OPERATION ::= { ARGUMENT Arg CODE global:{org(0) operA(1) ver(1) id(1)} } Code ::= CHOICE { local INTEGER, global OBJECT IDENTIFIER } Arg ::= SEQUENCE { operationID INTEGER, value ArgValue } ArgValue ::= OCTET STRING (SIZE(1..25)) END and here is output of bn compiler: > 1. Compiling file: test1.asn > 2. line 4:9: unexpected token: OPERATION > 3. line 6:17: unexpected char: '&' How should I modify my input asn1 file in order to successefully compile it with bn compiler. Thanks in advance.

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