Single record persistence with ember-data

In Ember.js with ember-data (using the 1.0pre versions) all changes to the data are saved into a defaultTransaction on the store. When the store is committed with `store.commit()` ALL changes to the data are saved back to the API (using the RESTAdapter). I would like more control over objects being persisted. So for now, I have been getting instances of store and adapter, then calling something like `adapter.createRecord(store, type, record)` or `updateRecord` where `type` is the `App.Person` model and record is an instance of that model. This is using internal bits of the `DS.RESTAdapter` that I don't think are meant to be used directly. While it works I'm hoping there is a better way to gain more control over persistence then `store.commit()`. The business logic and UX of my application require finer control.

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