Quartz change MisfireInstruction globally

Is there a way to change for all jobs (CronTrigger) the MisfireInstruction value ?
I tried setting: org.quartz.CronTrigger.misfireInstruction=2 in `org/quartz/quartz.properties`
but it does not seem to have effects. version of quartz used is 1.8.5
with camel 2.10.3 Note that I don't create the quartz trigger myself, it's done via a camel route from("quartz://" + getJobId() + "?cron=" + cronExpression + "&stateful=true") .routeId(getJobId()) .autoStartup(false) .to(getRouteTo()); so I don't have immediate access to the quartz crontrigger and that's why I would like to change the misfire policy globally.

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