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**Some Background:** Basically i'm building a remote monitoring system that reads data from an XML file on a piece of hardware running a web server. Its currently only capable of html and cgi requests and runs basic javascript. Its just not got php built into it! I have got the whole thing set up and doing what I want it to do apart from the last step now! When an input is triggered, the xml file changes, which in turn is changing the color of an text element on the site using the document.getElementById('btn' + i).style.color = '#d00'; i also have a innerHTML changing with this as well: document.getElementById('btn' + i).innerHTML = '• ALERT ' + getXMLValue(xmlData, 'inputname'+i) + ''; which play the swf sound when an input is triggered which is working fine, well, as long as the tab is selected! which means i have to have the monitoring webpage in front of anything and selected to have the sound play. **What im asking is:** Is there a way of having the sound play in the background even if a tab isn't selected? Is this a browser thing, or a coding thing? I've seen countless adds manage this with no problem at all!
There's an example here: - controlling a flash movie using standard html buttons + javascript

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