Some help required while working on Java and Cygwin together

I am new to **java** and also **cygwin** . I do not have in detailed knowledge of both . I need some help.. I simple steps i will try to explain my problem. 1) I am working on tinyOS . its open source OS , used for wireless sensor networks. It provides java libraries to work on communication (PC to sensor) 2) I am working on windows xp environment through cigwin. 3) I am developing an application . THis application requires one java interface called "Serial Forwarder" , which is readily available in libraries provided. Previously i used to start this interface manually (by entering command **"java net.tinyos.sf.SerialForwarder ")**and then my application which uses this interface. But now i want to make my application independent . User need know about this background cygwin commands . 4) So in my java application i used "**Runtime.getRuntime().exec( "java net.tinyos.sf.SerialForwarder)**" . 5) This i neither giving any error nor starting the interface. Am I going on right way ? When i am using runtime execute command , how can i make sure that this command is called through cigwin interface ? Also .. if i want to write .bat file .. i which i can give commands which will be executed .. how can i make sure that those commands are given through cigwin .. and not through cmd.exe .. Please help . me .

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